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Still trying to get my rating changed to PG! October 9, 2008

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I went to my high school reunion last weekend. What a trip! Caught up with some old friends, which was really nice. Most people looked really good. We’re aging pretty well. Saw a trophy wife or two (whose husbands we’re definitely NOT trophy material themselves). And the “barbies” are still barbies. My guess is that it costs quite a bit to remain a “barbie”, and personally, I’m happy just being me! The food was so-so, the desert even less so, and no-one wanted to play the stupid games they tried to play. We were all too busy gabbing with one another. For the most part, it was a damn good time. (Do you like how I through that “damn” in there? If only I could manage a good F-bomb!) The funniest thing is, though, that my kid goes to my Alma Mater! What a hoot!

Now, lets try for that PG rating!


Damn damn damn damn damn damn damn!!!!!


20 year High School Reunion September 11, 2008

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My high school reunion is coming up. I’ve actually recently reconnected with an old friend, and we’ve been trading e-mails for a bit. I’d like to reconnect with other old friends. My dilemma is this. I just started nursing school. I also work full time (someone has to pay the mortgage!). So, basically, I’m REALLY busy. But the 20 year reunion only comes around once. Could be fun. On the other hand, it’s being held at Dave & Buster’s. What the hell kind of reunion is held at Dave and Buster’s???? For crying out loud.    Ooooo! I said “hell”! I wonder if my rating is up to PG yet!



Damn! I’m still rated “G”!


Financial Misery September 3, 2008

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Money issues suck. I mean, really. My nursing school books cost over $950.  That’s before tuition. Yikes! Oh, and I have 2 boys in braces. Double yikes.  And one of the boys is a teenager, who eats like he has a hollow leg. I can’t keep food in the house. Another yikes. My checking account is going to be a nightmare for the next couple of years. Come on, student loans! Mama needs a new pair of shoes. Literally. I have to have plain white shoes for school. I have plain black shoes, plain pink shoes, more plain black shoes, a ton of sandals, slides and mules, and numerous pairs of running shoes that have white on them, but no plain white shoes. I’ve already spent $100 or so on uniforms, $100 or so on other supplies, $73 for the drug test I have to take, among other expenses. Still before tuition! Can’t wait until I graduate; I’ll be in the money then. Sort of. Then I’ll have to pay for the Nursing Board exam, and pay back all these student loans.


My new favorite! August 28, 2008

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Got this idea from Lynda-she’s rated PG August 27, 2008

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I’m only rated G. I’m going to have to work on that!

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Have the synapses stopped firing? July 12, 2008

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A few evenings ago I picked up a movie to watch with the kids. It was their last night in town before going to California for a week, and I though it would be nice to have a “family night”. I even cooked. (For those of you that know me well, you know how often that happens.  It was nice to sit down together, eat and enjoy a movie. Plus, it was a rainy night, which also doesn’t happen that often. We were watching Natinal Treasure 2. Not Oscar worthy, but a nice, friendly family movie. At one point I went into the kitchen to put the leftovers away before they got icky (isn’t that such a girl word?…icky?) and when I got back into the living room, I asked “what did I miss?”, to which my teenaged son replied “I saw someone looking in the window, but I looked and it was just Spike”. (Spike is one of our cats, and he wanted in out of the rain.) The question, however, was about the MOVIE. What I had missed in the MOVIE whilst I was out of the room. I think once kids hit 14, the synapses are not just misfiring, but are not firing at all! What a dork! God, I love my kids! They are so funny!

Until next time…….


Plumbing issues…No, really. June 22, 2008

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Good God! I spent Friday morning before work trying to stop and then clean up after a flood. Joy. The stupid hose that runs from the wall to the toilet broke. Water everywhere. And what is it about teenaged-soon-to-be high school boys? Is it the “cool” factor? Do their brains just turn off? I was screaming (literally) for help. I can only do so much at once, after all. The shut off valve wouldn’t turn, so I was left holding the broken hose and aiming it toward the shower. He stood there, not having a clue. The younger son had the presence of mind to turn off the alarm, go out to the laundry room, get an adjustable wrench for me (actually, he brought me two) so that I could turn off the water. Then he started to get some towels to aid  in the clean-up effort. Whereas, Mr. Teenaged-I’m-So-Cool stands at the end of the hall drying his feet. I swear, teenagers! Oh well. The problem is fixed, and the plumber even asked me out. I said no.